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Doula Continuing education

Infant Massage Workshop for Birth & Postpartum Professionals

Infant massage is a tool that every doula, newborn care specialist and nanny needs to know.

This infant massage workshop goes beyond any book or YouTube video. It is seven hours of hands-on practical experience, real conversation and teaching moments, not only for you but also for your clients.

When we look to build relationships with infants, infant massage is always suggested. It’s especially helpful as a means of building bonds between an infant and their secondary caregiver. Some of the most exciting aspects of infant massage are its impact on baby’s sensory development and brain development. Infant massage also benefits baby’s immune system, physical development, and communication skills.

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What Every Doula, NCS and Nanny Should Know about Infant Massage

Infant massage is a great conversation starter for you and your clients. Infant Massage provides many teaching moments with your clients-baby’s disposition, cues and behaviors as well developmental milestones.

Your infant massage workshop will include:

  • Review evidence-based literature on the many benefits of infant massage.
  • Learn and practice over 20 massage strokes for babies
  • Know when and how to apply infant massage for sinus relief, teething pain, gas, colic, reflux and weight gain
  • Ethical considerations of infant massage for Doulas, NCS and Nannies

You will be able to share infant massage skills with your families on your very next shift.

CULVER CITY - AUG 24, 2024
Hosted by LA Nannies Academy and Institute, 4875 Green Valley Circle, Culver City, CA 90230. 9-4pm.

VENTURA - DEC 7, 2024
943 Olympia Ave, Ventura CA. 93004


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