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Group & Private Infant Massage Classes for Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles County

Infant Massage Classes

The power of touch with your infant is real...

When an intimate caretaker looks into their baby’s eyes, pupils dilate, respirations increase and the caretaker wants to touch their baby and be physically close. This is a documented physiological and emotional response and is true for babies too. Pupils dilate, respirations increase and your baby wants physical closeness, creating an intimate exchange. These exchanges are also experienced in adulthood when falling in love. In essence, the way we touch our babies now sets the template for our baby’s own intimate relationships in adulthood, potentially reaching into their parental behaviors. As parents, we have the power to model and teach how intimacy works from the beginning.

Discover the Benefits of Infant Massage for Baby:

  • Improves bonding and communication
  • Learns touch relaxation and releases muscle tension
  • Decreases stress hormones, crying and fussing, and promotes a sound, deeper sleep
  • Enhances brain growth and improves immune system
  • Helps regulate digestion, breathing and circulation, and relieve gas, colic, teething and other discomforts
  • Initiates baby’s positive body image, awareness and body boundaries

+ the Benefits for you as a Mom!

  • A special time to focus on only baby and bonding
  • Learn how to read baby’s cues. Experience deeper connection & enhanced bonding
  • Eases your stress hormones and you know how to immediately calm your baby.
  • Helps to establish routines and bed times
  • Creates a sense of pride and competence in your care for baby
  • Minimize postpartum anxiety and depression
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Infant Massage Class (4 Week Series)

Now in Ventura & Thousand Oaks!


  • Ventura Sept 8 - 29, Sundays 10: 30am to 12 noon
  • Ventura Dec 1-22, Sundays 10: 30am to 12 noon
  • Thousand Oaks August 8-29, Thursdays 10: 30am to 12 noon
  • Thousand Oaks Nov 7 - 28, Thursdays 10: 30am to 12 noon (with holiday break)

INVESTMENT: $200. Payment Plan Available. No one gets turned away - infant massage is for All.

This series brings new mamas and babies together, to practice infant massage in a lovely, peaceful setting. Together we explore the benefits of infant massage, practice all the strokes and determine what techniques work best for your own unique baby.

Small class size means you can also ask questions regarding colic and crying; tummy time; physical development and play; baby’s communication; typical sleep challenges (for the both of you); baby’s nutrition; and anything else about baby & postpartum.

custom private infant massage class

NEW! Infant Massage 90-minute Workshop

Monthly in Santa Clarita or Host a Session with Your Mom's Group!


  • SANTA CLARITA Last Friday of every month, starting June 28th 10 - 11:30am @ Pure Births Birth Center | 30 Santa Clarita Ca. 91321
  • OR HOST YOUR OWN GROUP > Contact Pamela


This session provides basic benefits, strokes, including Colic and Reflux Relief, oils, and how to touch your baby to prevent meltdowns. Want to anticipate your baby's needs? Let me show how Infant Massage helps.

Tea and Treats are provided with oils and reminder notes. Fussy or napping babies are not a problem. Come learn, relax and enjoy your baby.

private infant massage class in your home

Private Infant Massage Class in Your Home

Individual in-home sessions are perfect for MamaBabies who don’t have a traditional schedule, as well as those who choose to include family and caretakers from the onset of instruction. They are also a great alternative to group classes for those whose babies have serious disabilities, those who have anxiety leaving home, and those with crawling babies and/or other children with them at home.

These private sessions will address the benefits of infant massage, and offer the opportunity to practice strokes with an experienced guide. We will also address how to soothe and prevent meltdowns before they occur, colic, baby’s communication cues, physical development, and sleep. Mobile babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have different developmental needs and will be honored and incorporated into our sessions. Family members and caretakers can be included in the massage practice, provided that the mom’s needs and baby’s needs are met first and foremost.

INVESTMENT:  Begins at $235 depending on location.