Pamm Kliemann Postpartum Doula Ventura County

Pamm Klieman, Doula

30+ years of experience supporting local families

The ability to connect the dots between nurturing families and the world in its entirety has been the most meaningful aspect of my life’s work, and has fueled my altruistic passion. But there is still much work to be done in the birth community.

My hope for all new mamas is to experience a sense of pride and empowerment during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. New mamas are too often isolated with unrealistic expectations as they begin to transition into new parenthood. I've seen the impact of postpartum depression and anxiety in my own family, and I am committed to supporting your new family in a smooth & healthy transition.

This is my life's work. And doula care is more important than ever, empowering mamas to make informed birth choices and to embrace and nurture that MamaBaby connection that makes all the difference.

I promise to honor, advocate and support you to the best of my ability. I will walk with you through the many blissful and challenging moments to come.

You will develop and find your intuition as you transition into your new normal.

You can be the parent(s) you envision.

My doula story: 30+ years of birth and postpartum support.

I am mother to a daughter and a son, and I have five grandchildren, ages 19 months to 14 years - all girls. Girl power!

Some say I have the “touch” with babies. I have been doing doula work since I was a little girl. When my mother became pregnant with my third sibling, I cooked, fluffed pillows and offered hands-on mama care after the birth. I then did the same for my siblings and their babies. It was just my way. I could comfort a crying baby, assist with breastfeeding and get a new mama to a breastfeeding support group in a flash, if needed.

CLEC (Certified Lactation Educator Counselor), UCSD

CAPPA (Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Assoc.) Postpartum Doula

CIIM (Certified Instructor Infant Massage),

Infant Sleep Educator

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Post Graduate Work

CM&F Insurance

CPR Red Cross

Vaccinations Current, Including COVID-19

Pam Klieman postpartum doula ventura

My birth experiences changed my life.

When I became a mother, the doula world was in its infancy–I had great support and felt “complete” after each birth. Both birth experiences were completely different; the first was a cesarean birth after a three-day labor, and the second a textbook 12-hour vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) homebirth.

Both births pushed me in directions I had not anticipated and changed my life.

After my first baby, I became an advocate for childbearing families. I taught Bradley Natural Childbirth Classes with my husband in 1980, went to nursing school, attended home and hospital births, and participated in epic hospital changes in Ventura County.

A person holds a baby.

Advocating for birth options in Ventura County.

I joined La Leche League and became a birth activist with the Organization for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth (OSAC) of Ventura County. As an OSAC member, my colleagues and I collaborated to improve birth practices in Ventura County.

Cesarean and labor support, immediate breastfeeding after birth, and the use of midwives were not an option for mothers birthing in hospital back then.

There was little choice of birth options unless you had your baby at home, so I had a VBAC at home with two lay midwife friends. Note that state licensing for lay midwives was still several years away.

pam klieman ventura postpartum doula

New ways to support Ventura area families.

After my second birth, I was drawn to the field of family violence prevention while continuing my work as a birth advocate. I began to speak out as a subject matter expert at state and national conferences and was honored as California’s “Victim Advocate of the Year,” all while continuing local birth advocacy efforts.

Throughout this period, I witnessed and worked with many birth professionals who risked their livelihoods to create the changes we take for granted today. 

My advocacy continued at Ventura County Naval Base (NBVC), providing social services including home visits to young Navy families, and the NBVC New Parent Support Program thrived because of my passion.

Pamm Kliemann Postpartum Doula Ventura County

My mission as a Ventura doula.

I developed an expertise in pre- and perinatal psychology - that MamaBaby connection. I studied best parenting practices and baby brilliance, and worked with diverse families from all over the world–a highlight of my doula career.

I completed a postpartum doula certification program with Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) and thus Doula Pamm's Postpartum Services was born. 

Nurturing families for 30+ years.

This work is important on many levels. Nurturing families create nurturing communities, and communities make up the world at large. While it’s a personal honor to witness the transformation that occurs in a woman’s life when she becomes a mother, the assistance I offer is much greater than myself, and for a much greater cause.