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Sleep Help for Newborns & Infants

I’m so tired and my new baby won't sleep. I’ve tried everything!

My sister’s new baby is sleeping…Why isn’t mine?

Is there something wrong with my baby? What am I missing..?

I can help! Don’t worry you are not alone! This is a common experience for most new parents.

Sleep charts and books are great but when your baby doesn’t follow step-by-step instructions…it’s SO exhausting, frustrating, and overwhelming.

And you haven’t had a sit-down meal since your labor started and who has time for a shower or visiting family? Plus, you can't nap when your baby naps, there is too much to do!

Toss the books and the sleep charts…it’s a lot of pressure for you and your new baby.

It's time for some skilled sleep help!

First, it's important to know that you're not alone. At this very moment there are new parents all over Ventura county who are exhausted from yet another night of disrupted sleep with a cranky baby.

I’ll help you understand what’s normal for your new baby through the first 5 months. I can help you with sleep cues and sleep communication for your baby. Late-night feedings at the breast or bottle need not be a wake-up call. Learn how to support safe & healthy sleep - for both of you!

INVESTMENT: We begin with a 90-minute session at your home or via zoom (in-person is ideal). $90. Should additional sessions be necessary we can create a custom package for your needs.

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Sleep environment and safety.

Let’s review your baby’s sleep environment and safety issues. If you are bed-sharing, we can talk about how to best keep safe and where to find evidence-based support.

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Gas, reflux, and other newborn sleep disruptors...

If you are having issues with gas and reflux, I can suggest how to minimize that discomfort. Learning how to stretch a nap would be such a relief, right?

Other issues such as growth spurts, illness and teething can bring more distress as your baby grows but for right now, let’s focus on helping you baby settle and sleep.

infant sleep help

Supporting infant sleep cycles.

Understanding your baby's sleep biology, stretching naps, and introducing bedtime routines. Learn appropriate bedtime nutrition.

infant sleep training

Do you need sleep training?

Finally, we can talk about what you can do now to establish good sleep hygiene as your new baby grows and when it’s appropriate to start sleep training if that is your end goal and who knows, your growing baby may not even need training!

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Imagine...a restful night of sleep for you.

Sounds dreamy, right? Now Imagine a shower, fresh jammies, a fruit snack, and a reasonable bedtime!

Your baby will be 100% safe with me and brought to you for feeding if needed. I’ll burp and soothe your baby to sleep, while you quickly return to sleep yourself. You wake up refreshed with a breakfast prepared, ready for the day, ready for your baby and maybe dinner in the slow cooker with a salad in the fridge.

Sound good? This is a Special Offering for You, New Mama! This one-night, one-time Investment is only $300, a reduced fee for you.

Encourage family members to contribute or gather funds at your Baby Shower. Aunties, Grandparents, and godparents will appreciate this gift because often they are not available themselves to support their favorite new mama, you! For Grandparents, there is something special about treating their daughter and their new grandbaby, whether this is your first or fifth child, with this thoughtful gift.

While I’m not a member of your family, I can appreciate a Grandmother’s sweet intentions and goodwill. This gift truly comes from their heart to my heart, to yours!

Congratulations on your new baby. I look forward to meeting you.